Zoo Problem

21kangaroo-blog427This story of Chinese zoo patrons stoning a kangaroo to death because it wasn’t entertaining them enough is disgusting, but it seems like it’s kind of a fundamental problem with the idea of sticking animals in cages to entertain us. (The one pictured here was not killed, but has a foot injury from the rock throwing.) And terrible conditions in Chinese zoos are not anything new.

Zoos are just problematic to start with, because let’s face it: it’s just very hard to create a good environment for animals that’s accessible to people, which is why zoos by and large fail miserably at this. Of course, this means actually experiencing animals’ lives is out of reach for people in an urbanized world… and as we gobble up animals’ habitats, there’s nowhere for them to go. (This is one of the huge problems for panda bears… they’re getting squeezed out.)

I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t think it’s going to be found by a society that has trouble keeping people from throwing rocks at kangaroos.

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