Stupid Car Tricks

im9zvskanotyms4a3datMy reaction to this list of stupid car trends was pretty much “Hell YEAH.”

A few notes, though:

  • Along with the cartoon families on the back window, I’ve noticed a huge uptick is “Baby on Board” signs, presumably being placed in cards without irony. Usually the driver is in an SUV and running a red light when I see one of these.
  • I had a rental car with one of those idiotic “twist the knob to change gears” setups, which apart from being awkward as hell, manages the neat trick of driving a car with an automatic transmission even less fun.
  • SUVs driven by anybody who isn’t hauling shit around in the country. Double irritation points for those who are unable to drive them without coming to a dead stop to make a challenging 90 degree turn, which from my observations, is 99% of all SUV drivers in urban areas. People have every right to drive gas-guzzling garbage scows is it makes them happy, of course, but expect me to laugh at you when gas jumps up to $6/gallon.
  • Any vehicle whose subwoofer can be heard in a vehicle thirty feet away.

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