Keyless Ignition Death

Alarming headline on this story about people dying from CO poisoning after forgetting to turn off their cars, but…

Since 2006 at least 28 people have died and 45 others have suffered injuries from the gas after they thought they had turned off their vehicles, the Times found.

Which is tragic and awful for those people and their loved ones, of course, but 28 deaths in 12 years doesn’t seem like a huge number to me, particularly when compared to the number of people who die from automobile-related causes in a given year.

It does seems like common sense that there should be some kind of alert for this (like the horn beeping if you walk away with the key fob and the car is still running) and it’s no surprise that automakers don’t want any rules (they never want any rules), but again… a relatively small problem.

Like it or not people don’t pay attention to their cars (including while they are driving them) so they need to be designed for the most distracted people out there.

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