Science is Hard

5279807113_13ee17ca3f_qIt’s the 21st century, why are people in developed countries still practicing homeopathy?

A bite from an animal, with or without rabies vaccination, has the potential to imprint an altered state in the person who was bitten, in some ways similar to a rabies infection. This can include over-excitability, difficulties sleeping, aggression, and various fears, especially of dogs or wolves. This child presented a perfect picture of this type of rabies state. Most homeopaths would have easily recognized the remedy required in this case.

Okay, much of the time homeopathy is the medical equivalent of doing nothing at all, but in this case? Using the saliva of a rabid dog for treatment? Just unbelievably stupid.

The saving grace of this is that since the substances used in homeopathy are diluted to the point that you’ve got at best a chance that a few molecules of whatever it is are even present, that does reduce the risk of butt-stupid ideas like this case.

But, really, people. You are fortunate enough to live in an age of science. Take advantage of that.

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