Living in the future in Spain

walden7_barcelona_spain_ricardo_bofill_taller_arquitectura_10I am a confirmed house dweller: I love having walls with nobody on the other side of them, having grass for the dog to run on and sniff, having my own little patch of land. This is because for years I did not have these things and the possibility of living minutes from the center of a major American city and being able to afford them was one of the reasons for my move to Houston.

Still, there’s something enticing and breathtaking about really cool apartments, which are by all accounts a more economically- and environmentally-sensible way of life.

Like these apartments in Spain.

The building is composed of 18 towers forming a curve, which are connected by a complex network of bridges and walkways. The result is a vertical labyrinth with seven interconnecting interior courtyards.

It sounds pretty stunning and if life were to ever lead me back to apartment living, I’d want it to look something like this. Also: Spain!

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