The final Blockbuster

I was surprised to read about the closing of one of the last Blockbuster Video stores in existence, mainly because I’d assumed this had already happened.

“It’s tough to tell the customers, it really is,” said Kevin Daymude, the general manager at the DeBarr location. “They are like family. It’s hard to say goodbye.”

As Blockbuster stores disappeared from most of the Lower 48 in recent years, the brand long managed to persist in Alaska. Some have said expensive internet here is one reason why.


The expensive internet issue does make sense; if you’re in a remote area, streaming isn’t a good option. (You don’t even have to go to Alaska to have this problem; the satellite internet at our place in the Hill Country is really flaky and I can’t imagine streaming anything longer that a short YouTube video out there; it’s strictly download for local wifi streaming or use (gasp) a DVD.

There is, however, one final Blockbuster still open, in Bend, Oregon.

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