Oh, look, the internet is ruining everything again

Did you catch the Plane Bae story? Lots of people did. Including the subject of the story, who for some reason found it really creepy that some stranger was taking pictures of her and documenting her plane trip on social media.

The woman has asked to remain anonymous because she said she has received harassment and shaming, both online and in person, from people who tracked down her personal information.

“Voyeurs have come looking for me online and in the real world,” she wrote.

As we turn into a society of people who spend more time documenting their activities than experiencing them, I guess this becomes inevitable: everyone does this! Why would you not want to be the subject a social posts? It’s a stunning lack of awareness to realize that just because someone left their house, you do not get to put their life in front of the world.

But wait, there’s Gmail, and developers who are reading your email! This news prompted the usual sneers about dumb users who don’t pay attention to what they are clicking, which misses the point. Nobody wants to have to conduct their life online in a constant state of paranoia. I’ve seen the permissions dialog at issue here; yes, it says that the app you’re about to grant permission to will be able to read and manage your email. When I read that, my assumption is that the app will be manipulating your mail to perform its functions, not that a developer will be sitting there reading it. So those who are sneering at less savvy users get a point for being correct and a ten point deduction for cluelessness about how people work.

And then there are the entertainers who unleash stalker-ish fans on those who criticize them, and watching Elon Musk tweet, and all the rest of it. Some days it seems like we should just smash our phones and stop participating in it all.

And for a final horror, there’s this, from a marketing conference:

If that’s not an argument against the internet, social media, and modern life in general, I’m not sure what it.

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