Delete Your Facebook (still)

This is as carefully considered an examination of why Facebook keeps doing terrible things as I’ve seen.

An example: a VR Mark Zuckerburg disaster-touring post-hurricane Puerto Rico:

“It feels like we’re really here in Puerto Rico,” digi-Zuck says (remember this is all in subpar CG). They jump around to various disaster scenes for a couple minutes. “All right, so you wanna go teleport somewhere else?” Another orb and they are whisked away, back to California.

To those of us outside the grand project of Facebook, this video was obviously a terrible idea. News outlets ridiculed it as tone-deaf and tasteless. Even so, the video made its way through Facebook’s many layers of approval.

My issue with Facebook was less the election tampering, the blithe defense of neo-Nazis and Alex Jones, or any of the things that usually come up when this is discussed. It was how it seemed to drive every interaction down to the lowest common denominator of click-bait or banal cleverness (including my own contributions).

I really thought I’d miss is terribly when I deleted my account. I didn’t.

So anyway… think about it.

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