A win for Essential

essentialph1I was one of those early adopters who took a bet on the Essential phone. The short version of the story is that after a while, I got a Pixel 2XL. The longer version is that I absolutely love a lot of things about the Essential, but it definitely had its quirks, and after a while they just got on my nerves too much; I still have it as a backup phone. And it’s still the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing phone I’ve ever had, in terms of display, form factor, and the way it feels to hold and use it.

So I did enjoy seeing that Essential had its Android Pie update ready the same day as Google. So if this struggling little company who frankly nobody expects to actually get another phone out the door can do it, what’s the deal with Samsung, LG, and all the rest?

Makes me hope they pull it together and there are more phones in the future. Because really, it’s gorgeous, and from playing with it with the Pie update, they seem to have addressed a lot of its issues.

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