If you’re not shifting you’re not driving

I am one of these manual transmission people and so when I read the emails in this story I say “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

They’re not bitter and disgruntled like most of us who follow the rather somber car news each day, like Audi’s dropping of the manual from 2019 on. They’re just nostalgic and committed to shifting their own gears, no matter how they have to do it. It’s sweet.

Duffer said in the follow-up that “not one reader wrote in to extol the virtues of the automatic transmission, how it’s easier to use, more efficient and quicker than manuals,” and that instead, the consensus was that the manual won’t die in America until someone pries it “out of these drivers’ cold, dead hands.”

I am convinced that driving a manual transmission forces you to be more attentive to the driving experience, and that’s a good thing.

Plus, it’s fun.


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