The world according to QAnon

flat-earthIf you’re smart, lucky, or both, you’ve avoided hearing much about QAnon, the group that seems out to win a record for the most complicated and unlikely conspiracy ever. I apparently cannot avert my eyes from a good dumpster fire, so I was fascinated by this description of their reaction to John McCain’s death. (Hint: suicide!)

Or maybe McCain had already been convicted in a secret tribunal, just like Hillary and Barack, and was wearing an ankle monitor while awaiting his execution. But in his last public appearances, he covered it up with a medical boot on his leg. No, don’t ask why Obama and Clinton don’t go to similar lengths to hide their ankle monitors. There is a very evil reason, probably.

It’s extremely funny, other than the part where a significant number of people believe all of this, and some of them have been invited to the White House.

Is the US now too stupid to continue? Discuss.

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