“Blame the girlfriend” never gets old

Now it’s Elon Musk and Grimes.

News stories at the time of their separation described Heard as “devastated,” “manipulative,” and “selfish.” After the breakup, one online commenter on the website Quora mused that “it’s best if these women don’t distract him.”

And when Musk and Grimes appeared together at the Met Gala this year, commentators on investment commentary website Seeking Alpha wrote about the implications of the relationship for Tesla and suggested Musk’s night out with the woman he was dating was taking away from his focus on the Tesla Model 3.

Tech bro sexism is tedious as ever, and Elon Musk’s groupies tend to be particular nutty in their devotion to him, so none of this is surprising, but it does make you wonder: is there hope for male heterosexuality? I bet Musk has thoughts on this but please, don’t ask him.

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