Willie Nelson, Beto, and the demise of English

Apparently some Willie Nelson fans are not pleased that he’s going to headline a fundraiser for Beto O’Rourke.

Now, it’s fair to wonder how these fans have failed to get any sense of Willie’s views on things after all these years; who’s surprised that he’d rather see Beto in the Senate than Ted Cruz, an unctuous little man whose every work reminds one of the stench of rotting roadkill?

It’s fair to make fun of the comments quotes in the article, because they are pretty much dumb as can be, but that’s just shooting fish in a barrel.

No, the thing that jumped out at me was that someone who works for a new organization, who is paid to write things, wrote this:

Despite clearly being in favor of the Democratic candidate, Nelson’s fans were taken aback by the news that he’s supporting a candidate whose politics they don’t agree with.

The author has written that the fans clearly support the Democratic candidate, and are taken aback by Willie’s support for the Democratic candidate, which is…. wrong.

It’s a common enough error but come on, this is a professional writer. I see more and more of these errors these days, and I suspect it’s combination of paid-by-the-piece stringers and a lack of copy editors, which I suppose are a luxury in the economics of modern news publishing.

Annoying though – these things bring me a dead stop when I’m reading.

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