Cruz dominates robot voters

maxresdefaultIt’s amazing how many Texas voters apparently woke up and tweeted the exact same tweet about how awesome Ted Cruz is at 2 AM one night!

According to the guy that the Cruz campaign hired to do their social media:

Perry, aka “the campaign,” asserts that these tweets were all the result of hundreds of Texans, at two in the morning, all deciding to simultaneously hit the same share button at the same time, which, to repeat, defies logic and commonsense.

“As for the timing. If an account with a large number of followers tweets or retweets a tweet with a conversational card in it, it’s really not uncommon to see multiple tweets in quick succession come as a result of it,” he attempted to explain. “Happens throughout all hours of the day.”

In the middle of the night.

Hard to tell if this is the campaign messing up, or a Russian bot farm hitting their auto-send a tweet button (hey! it was 10 AM in Moscow!) but it’s hard to think it’s a big outpouring of love for little Rafael.

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