Scenes from a rich nation

So, just part of living in a country with the wealth and resources of the United States: a big increase in typhus in Los Angeles.

Health officials in Pasadena are blaming the outbreak on a warm summer and fall and human interaction with animals in neighborhoods that have an “interface” with wildlife in canyons and the Angeles National Forest. They say the disease has nothing to do with homelessness in their high-income city.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health spokeswoman said via email that officials are investigating the source of the typhus in downtown L.A. by searching specifically for “high concentrations of infected fleas and/or infected rats, feral cats and opossums.”

So we have high class nature typhus in Pasadena, and low class homeless typhus in LA? It is striking that this is happening as LA’s homeless population has skyrocketed (now believed to be about 100,000 people – basically the equivalent of San Angelo, TX or Las Cruces, NM).

Many of these homeless people have jobs – that just doesn’t mean you can afford a place to live in the Los Angeles real estate market. Just a harbinger of our dystopian future!

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