Facebook on genocide: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

abs_blog_evilfacebookSo, have you heard? Along with destroying interpersonal relationships and American politics, Facebook accidentally helped the military in Myanmar push anti-Muslim rhetoric that incited the Buddhist majority to kill and rape the Rohingya people in their country.

Zuckerberg’s response when questioned about this in a Congressional hearing was more or less, policing hate speech is hard, they need more people who speak the local language, he supposes, and then they banned a couple of the accounts.

This is the company that couldn’t figure out it was being used by Russians to influence the US election while selling ads to people who paid in rubles.

If your own emotional health and privacy aren’t enough reason not to use Facebook, does not becoming a revenue-generating set of eyeballs for this dumpster fire help tip the balance a bit?

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