Content filters (still) are dumb

Apple has new parental controls, and they will keep kids from seeing anything about sex education, but will allow them to head over to The Daily Stormer and get educated in the ways of white nationalism!

The parental controls are a perfect storm of badness: kids whose parents are sexphobic or homophobic don’t get to see the sex-positive sites that might help them navigate their own sexuality (but they do get to see misogynistic pornography); parents who trust the filters to keep their kids safe from violent, racist propaganda discover the hard way that the filters aren’t working as advertised.

This is the problem with basically every filter-based attempt to block content that isn’t carefully curated by human beings; Apple is just dumb for taking this approach.

Of course clever kids can find their way around it:

Barrica also pointed out in her article that what’s restricted is sometimes based on how the search is gendered: “how do I jerk off” shows search results, but “what is a vibrator” is blocked.

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