About voting

As the hours tick down toward Tuesday’s midterm election, I leave with the Rude Pundit:

You think withholding your vote is some kinda fuckin’ grand statement, that the Democratic Party is a corrupt machine that doesn’t respond to real progressive goals; that you aren’t going to participate in a system that is so fucked up; that money in politics, from Wall Street, from polluters, from billionaires, has screwed the electoral pooch and then turned it over screwed it again; that the Democratic candidate in your state or district pisses you off because they don’t agree with you on everything?

Well, fuckin’ welcome to the house of American politics. The Democratic Party is a corrupt machine, the system is fucked up, that electoral pooch keeps getting screwed by wads of cash, and every candidate will piss you off in some way. Yeah, it sucks shit to have to vote for Joe fuckin’ Manchin.


Not voting when you are ready and able to vote is privilege taken to the hilt. The non-voters on the left have decided that their beliefs trump (goddamn him for taking that word from us) whatever good can be done through elections as the parties stand now. If you don’t vote and that causes Republicans to keep both houses of Congress, you have condemned yourself and all the people you think you’re taking a stand for to at least two more years and the lingering effects of gutted social programs, of a war on women and non-whites, of an openly racist immigration policy, of inaction on climate change, and so very much more. You will be deciding that you would rather that happen, you would rather fuck up real lives of real people, than you compromised.

That makes you an asshole.

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