And the great die-off continues

It was nice knowing you.

As the climate gets warmer, animals who live in mountainous areas at altitudes where the conditions are right for them are moving higher. Problem is, eventually they run out of mountain.

Of course, it’s possible that the team just failed to find the missing birds. But five of these species were common back in 1985, and seven have distinctive songs that should have been obvious parts of the dawn chorus. Freeman thinks that at least some of them really are gone—and others will likely follow. The scarlet-breasted fruiteater, deep-blue flowerpiercer, and russet-crowned warbler now live only in the highest 100 meters of the ridge. After another decade of warming, they will probably disappear, too.

We, of course, have a far greater ability to live in a wide range of climates by creating appropriate shelters for ourselves. Of course, we do need water and food, so it’s not like this phenomenon couldn’t cause massive changes (like, big decreases in population) for humanity as well.

The resource wars should be… dramatic.

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