We have always been at war with the unfortunate

The Arizona-Mexico border fence near NacoRight now our nation of immigrants is focused on migrants from Mexico and Central America… but what’s happening is only new compared to our most recent history, and only different from the last 200+ years in terms of the targets of our paranoia.

The Rude Pundit writes about the fear and loathing that greeted the Okies, moving within the US to avoid starving to death on suddenly useless land, but it’s the same story whether it’s the Italians, Irish, Chinese, Mexicans, or whomever has been useful other to carry the burden of American insecurity.

At some point the US will probably come terms with its Latinx citizens and neighbors and they won’t scare us any more than Canadians, but we’ll probably find someone else – inside our outside of our borders – to hate and fear. Nothing is new. You’d think we’d learn better at some point.

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