Stop blaming millennials for everything

millennials-mobile-1Good article from The Atlantic about how millennials are basically screwed by the way our economy works. Since our funding policy for higher education is basically “make lots of money for lenders and screw the students,” they’re entering the workforce with astonishing levels of debt, and surprise! They can’t afford things.

Their generation gets blamed for everything: they’re weak, they need safe spaces, they’re entitled, they eat too much avocado toast. Well, I’ve had members of the millennial generation working for me for years, and guess what? They’re smart, motivated people. The worst thing I can accuse them of is not blindly accepting the idea that they should sacrifice their personal lives for work, and questionable musical taste.

They’re responding appropriately to being the generation that’s been left with crony capitalism, impending ecological disaster, and an economy that makes the expectations they’ve been raised with unattainable for a lot of them. Give them a break.

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