STFU, Facebook

Aww, Sheryl Sandberg says that Facebook understands that they have made mistakes and needs to do better. Isn’t that nice? Look, here’s her “we need to do better” face.


On Sunday, Sandberg outlined five things Facebook is doing as it “reflects and learns.” Those steps include: Investing in safety and security; protecting against election interference; cracking down on fake accounts and fake information; making sure people feel like they control their own information; and increasing transparency at Facebook, she said.

Fuck your “reflection,” Sandberg. You don’t need to “reflect.” Does it take more “reflection” to figure out that manipulating kids to get money from them is bad? Or that you broke American democracy? Or that having privacy settings that don’t do anything is fucking creepy and evil? Or, you know, sitting with your thumb up your ass while people use your platform to enable genocide?

It doesn’t take reflection to understand that these things are problems. It takes ethics and a moral compass.

This is the Facebook oopsie kabuki: they got caught, again, doing something antisocial and bad, and Sandberg and Zuckerberg make the rounds cooing about how sorry they are, they really just wanted to make the world a better place and make everyone happy because sharing is caring, and they’ll think really hard about their mistakes and do better.

Until three days later, when they get caught again. Better book the main conference room for the day, Sheryl and Zuck have some reflectin’ to do!

Burn the fucker down.

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