Oh Gucci

So when I saw the Gucci sweater that everyone is angry about, I did not think “oh god, blackface.”


I thought “OMG, ugly.” Because this is Gucci, who has given us this:


And this:


And… oh god… this:


So, yeah, I thought, who would every buy that? Especially for $890? And isn’t the ugliness just so tediously predictable?

Now that may be my inescapable whiteness, and honestly, the more I look at it (especially the exaggerated lips), the more I see it. So I can believe that those who are more tuned into these things may be right, and I’m okay with that; frankly, people of color are better judges of this than I am, and that’s fine.

So there’s probably a lesson here about people being more aware of the things that they don’t notice because of who they are, and it’s one of those great benefits of diversity that if you have a lot of different kinds of people around in a workplace, they’ll see different things and a company will figure out that they should kill that design (or else market strictly to Virginia politicians).

Because apparently its stunning ugliness wasn’t reason enough (and never has been at Gucci).

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