Howard Schultz’s empty… chair

Howard Schultz continues his project in trying to be a presidential candidate with no concrete policy ideas or, as far as anyone can tell, policy knowledge, giving the country things that might make nice slogans or amusing little stories to sell coffee and hoping we’ll think they’ll work for leading a country.

Speaking to the Commonwealth Club of California, he offered this take on making Congress work better:

Instead, Schultz said, Congress ought to do what he used to do at Starbucks board meetings — put an empty chair at the table, to represent the customer. In Schultz’s version of Washington, he said, the same empty chair would be installed in all government meetings to represent the average citizen.

This sounds familiar.

Romney Accepts Party Nomination At The Republican National Convention

What’s a great counterweight to the flood of corporate and lobbyist money to Congress that has created a government that doesn’t act in the best interests of the public (something that Schultz correctly identifies as a problem)? A chair to make everyone feel guilty!

His whole campaign feels more like a hostage-taking than a serious attempt to get elected: if you vote for an “extreme” candidate I’ll come in and ruin it all – you’ve been warned. It’s not appealing, it’s not good for the country, and it’s not even good for Howard Schultz, who seems to be working toward his place in history being that of a weird political footnote.

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