How is Facebook being awful today?

fa5bff9fc115932de5c0bbed13ff4c4cIt’s been a while and the stories are piling up!

Mark Zuckerberg, perhaps reacting to Snopes giving up on providing fact checking services for the platform, has decided that “crowdsourcing” is the way to check the accuracy of things posted on Facebook. I know – let’s just show the stories with the most likes! Certainly people will only like stories that are accurate. Brooke Binkowski, former managing editor of Snopes, observed that “he has learned nothing at all.”

This story also contains one of the weirdest Zuckerberg quotes I’ve ever seen; he appears to be taking a rhetoric class taught by Donald Trump.

He continued: “I think that the real thing that we want to try to get to over time is more of a crowdsourced model where people, it’s not that people are trusting some sort, some basic set of experts who are accredited but are in some kind of lofty institution somewhere else. It’s like do you trust? Like if you get enough data points from within the community of people reasonably looking at something and assessing it over time, then the question is: can you compound that together into something that is a strong enough signal that we can then use that?”

Go home, Zuck, you’re drunk.

Then there’s the FTC complaint about how you could download the membership lists of Facebook groups – including ones about sensitive medical conditions – without that being clear to users. (I mean, who could be confused by Facebook’s privacy policies and settings?) Facebook pointed out the user were doing it wrong.

Oh, and anti-vaxxers are using Facebook’s ad targeting to reach women who are interested in becoming pregnant to convince them not to vaccinate their future children. Because connecting the world also means sharing our infectious diseases!

And then there’s Facebook’s SDK, which developers use (because it saves them a lot of time), but which also pipes users’ personal information over to Facebook to do whatever Mark & Sheryl feel like with it. So that’s why they know when you’re ovulating, ladies.

So, just another day in Facebook land.


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