Dispatches from the Facebook disaster

5be9bfc79e8c534a5e49eca1-480-240So today Facebook has had the worst outage in its history, and the BBC is helping us understand the awful human suffering that has resulted.

Buenos Aires-based designer Rebecca Brooker told the BBC the interruption was having a significant impact on their work.

“Facebook for personal use is fine – but what happens when we rely on large companies such as this to provide business services?” she said.

“I’m trying to communicate with my team in New York. Facebook Workplace is our only channel for [communication] with the exception of email.”

Yes, she’s got nothing to fall back on, other than a nearly universal global communications channel that allows one to send text, images, and files almost instantaneously. It’s like the Stone age.

(Also – they made their business operations dependent on Facebook? What is wrong with these people?)

In the UK, an NHS paediatric consultant told the BBC how staff were upset not to be kept updated on a party being held for a beloved nurse who was retiring after 20 years.

“Being a working day most consultants could not make it,” said Dr Nikhil Ganjoo. “So I represented them – but was unable to share the retirement party pics with them as it happened.”

My God, they are going to have to look at the pictures of the nurse eating her retirement cake tomorrow. (Or someone will have to email them.) How can they live?

One of my complaints about Facebook – even when I was using it – was that it makes the world a stupider place. This article feels like a confirmation of my thinking.

Plus, it would have been better if they’d visited a Russian troll farm to see how much vodka they were drinking while Facebook was down and they couldn’t tamper with any elections.

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