Murkowski & Manchin: let’s do… something about climate change

polluted-earth-changing_e1ajrlvzg__f0000This op-ed from Lisa Murkowski and Joe Manchin about dealing with climate change proposes… well, not much of anything, but it is awfully earnest.

Yet, our witnesses also agreed that to effectively mitigate the impacts of climate change, we must do more to pursue low- and zero-carbon technologies that will continue to lower emissions.

The United States leads the world in research and development. Our national labs and universities are working toward the next scientific breakthrough, and private investors are pursuing the next game-changing technology. The United States is at the forefront of clean-energy efforts, including energy storage, advanced nuclear energy, and carbon capture, utilization and sequestration. We are committed to adopting reasonable policies that maintain that edge, build on and accelerate current efforts, and ensure a robust innovation ecosystem.

That all sounds good. Perhaps we could put together a set of programs to spur investment in cleaner technologies and leverage our R&D investments to spur business investment in them. Why, that could even lead to job creation and economic growth. We just need a catchy name: maybe, “Green New Deal?”

Seriously, the principles they’re talking about are the principles behind the Green New Deal proposal. Is this s sign that these two are going to roll up their sleeves and help make the proposal better? I doubt it.

Nice sentiments. Maybe show us something concrete?

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