More scenes from a late-stage meritocracy

So, that college admissions scandal! Yeah, it’s all pretty repulsive, and just another confirmation to every have-not in the US that the deck is stacked against them and that the surest path to success here is to already be rich.

Case in point: Hallmark TV star Lori Loughlin and Target-designer Mossimo Gianulli (no longer affiliated with Target for a long time, I’m sure they’d want you to know), who are now looking at prison time for getting their daughter into USC via lots of money and federal crimes.

Turns out Gianulli is a bigtime Trump supporter who apparently got messy-drunk at a party and was telling everyone about the “takers” who think they’re entitled and don’t pull their weight in society. Here’s his daughter (no word on whether she knew how she got into college):

Apparently she also talked about how she didn’t really like college and was just going to make money off of her YouTube videos anyway.

This family is pretty much poster children for guillotines. Still, the daughter strikes me as the least horrible of them all; yes, my first reaction to watching a rich girl show everyone her expensive presents while pumping her new makeup line (oops, Sephora dropped her post-scandal) is “how can anybody be this horrible?” Or, as Wonkette put it:

I might have felt badly about picking on a young woman for something her parents did… but are you kidding me with this shit? I cannot believe this is a thing. It’s pure sociopathy. “Hey, look at me, poor people! I have rich parents who buy me luxury items for Christmas!” I am a full on adult and if I did something like this, my parents to this day would kill me and then take all said Christmas presents in order to donate them to someone less terrible.

Yeah, pretty much. But she at least has the excuse of being young and raised to think of this as totally normal. After all… look at who raised her.

So we have it all here: horrifying rich people, crime, terrible judgment, and a culture that rewards people with no discernible talent for getting people to watch their YouTube videos.

If there was ever an argument to taking American wealth and redistributing to people in developing economies, this is it.

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