Repeat offenders?

deer-park-ap-02-jpo-190321_hpembed_3x2_992This is perhaps the least surprising aspect of the multi-day fire in Deer Park.

The company responsible for this week’s black plume in Houston’s sky has been accused in a federal lawsuit of dumping hazardous waste in the water during Hurricane Harvey.

Intercontinental Terminal Co.’s former hazardous waste specialist in Deer Park sued the company in February 2018 for gender discrimination and then in December amended her compliant to include allegations that the company intentionally released more than a million gallons of hazardous waste into flood waters during Hurricane Harvey to save money.

The article pains a picture that will be very familiar to anybody acquainted with environmental regulation in Texas: restrictions are loose and badly enforced, with minimal public visibility, so the plebes don’t get too upset. The east side of the Houston metro area is pretty much treated as a dumping ground, and its mostly working class residents have little political power to change it. The businesses who don’t like the cost of sound environmental practices have the money and power to get what they want out of Austin, so… on it goes.

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