The mysteries of the iPhone

annoying-ios-features-ask-to-join-wi-fi_1-100605911-origQuite a litany of ways that important functions on iPhones and iPads are frustrating and hard to find, especially for elderly users and those with vision impairments (such as most middle age people). This corresponds pretty well to my own iOS experiences.

The interesting point, I think, is that in terms of functionality, iOS gives you so much. Other than the dumb Apple lockdown things (the way the home screen works, the inability to choose default apps), iOS gives you everything you could want, with a ton of useful things to make it easier to use if you can’t see, to work around other disabilities, and so on.

But it’s a long time since the “Apple, it just works!” days. The main reason I no longer use any Apple devices other than an old iPad mini (excellent form factor, clunky software, but hell, what are you going to use in that size and shape?) is that it seemed to me that Apple’s design philosophy had moved to a place of prioritizing pretty (in a kind of dated looking way) over discoverability. Sure, there are things in Android that have been stuck in weird places in a mid-cycle refresh and that sort of thing, but with Apple I felt like I was having trouble until I realized that the thing with no visual clue it was a navigation element needed to be tapped, or that some settings are scattered over different places, etc.

Meanwhile, new features nobody wanted, like 3D Touch (which I used for about two days before turning it off because it was so terrible) would pop up.

Apple’s a pretty good company and they make very good phones. If they would pay attention to user experience like they did in the past, their products would be awesome. Right now they’re just kind of precious.

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