But you are, Blanche

From the Washington Post: some Republicans are concerned about being labeled the “party of the 1%.” Well… OK.

“We’re diving into a wood chipper,” said Trump critic and longtime Republican strategist Mike Murphy. “I guess that’s the plan — being on the wrong side of issues, on top of the head winds we’re facing, with the House Freedom Caucus and Trump’s ego providing our political compass.”

Well, that’s been the plan for the last 30 years, so what’s new here? The GOP has consistently pushed policies that benefit the richest Americans at the expense of the less affluent. This has been true in health care (poor people have to die and middle class people have to be pushed into bankruptcy by medical bills so our bloated private healthcare bureaucracy can remain powerful), tax policy (cut taxes for the wealthiest and wait for goodness to “trickle down” – it’ll happen someday, really!), infrastructure spending (let roads and bridges and water systems fall apart while the affluent Americans opt out into privatized toll roads and bottled water), education (watch states like Kansas (poster child, but there are others) choke their public education systems while engineering tax breaks for people sending their kids to private school), environmental policy (ignore climate change, which will impact the poorest and most vulnerable first and hardest before screwing everybody else; loosen regulations that protect us from private corporations externalizing the costs of dealing with the pollution they generate by dumping it on the public, which tends to affect poor and minority neighborhoods much more than the places where the well-off live – poster child, the communities east of central Houston)…

The list goes on and on and it’s like a bunch of Republicans have woken up and decided it’s Trump’s fault.

Trump may be abnormal in every way, but mostly in that he’s the extreme realization of decades of Republican policy.

So here’s a suggestion from your loyal opposition: if you don’t want to be seen as “the party of the 1%,” maybe consider not fucking over everybody else.

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