“Our country is full.”

The president says that our country is full. No room for more people.


Huh. I have so many questions about what is going on in the president’s hamster-like brain.

Like, if our country is full, why is so much of it empty? Or maybe he means not physically full, but not capable of handling any more people for reasons other than space.

But what? Unemployment is low. Immigrants work and spend money and create economic growth. Surely the president knows this – after all, his son-in-law has basically been marketing green cards to immigrants who come here with investments. Weird thing to do when the country is “full!”

We have cities and towns so eager for new residents that they are actually paying people to move there. Maybe they could take some immigrants who could set up lives and businesses there and add to the population (and tax receipts)?

Hey, let’s ask someone smarter than the president about this.

“It’s just a ridiculous statement,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) said in an interview shortly after the roundtable. “We have agriculture industries across the country that desperately need workers. We have construction industries in California and in other places that desperately need workers, and immigration has always been not just a question of immigration policy, but who we are as a country.”

Oh, okay, this is one of those things that the president is not so well versed in. Like “tariffs” and “laws” and “the US system of government” and “math” and “sentences.” Got it.

All kidding aside, I miss having a president who wasn’t a giant fucking moron who seems to be showing signs of dementia.

(Note: Dementia and stupidity are two different things; smart people get dementia too, and it’s horrible thing whatever the cause. I don’t use that word casually; I often notice patterns of errors in his speech that make me suspect that there is a medical issue there. That’s tragic for anybody, even a lying idiot racist sexual predator incompetent like him. It’s scary when it’s happening a sitting president.) 

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