“We are ruled by brands and events”

eyesopenThat’s what the project leader at a Russian startup whose job is to use satellites to create artificial “constellations” of Pepsi ads for us all to see. And… he thinks this is a good thing, I guess?

StartRocket says it will launch what it calls the Orbital Display by 2020, and start displaying ads in the night sky by 2021. Its cubesats will orbit at an altitude between 400 and 500 kilometers (about 250 to 310 miles) and will only be visible from the ground for about six minutes at a time, a company representative told Futurism.

This is grotesque. Should they actually manage to get this operational, and should some company be horrifying enough to buy these ads, I hope that some vigilantes blow the whole thing up.

UPDATE: Pepsi cancelled their billboard for “unspecified reasons.” A sudden attack of propriety, perhaps?

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