Oh Manchester, so much to answer for

4050538481129Over in Liverpool: Merseyrail has taken down advertisements for Morrissey’s latest album. The reason is that Morrissey is a racist dickhead, which is a fair assessment. I have no problem with talking shit about him, even though the Smiths were one of the most important bands of the 1980s and were personally incredibly important to me at that time of life. I even still listen to them now, perfectly aware that Morrissey is a racist dickhead.

But… this is stupid. Morrissey is a racist dickhead, but the posters seem to be utterly inoffensive ads for a new record. And while racist dickheads are gross, and racist dickheads who are also incredibly influential musicians who make a giant mark on the culture are worse: they’re disappointing.

But more than disappointing when standards for what can be displayed in public are based not on the content of what’s on display but rather our opinions of the racist dickhead creating them. Bad decision on the part of the railway.

Which seems to have been anticipating problem; they didn’t even get a complaint.

The adverts, which contain no political message, were removed after a traveller on a Southport service to Moorfields contacted the company to ask if it agreed with Morrissey’s opinions.

The man, who asked not to be named, told the BBC he was not “offended” by the posters and did not demand they were taken down.

He said he just questioned the company on whether they were appropriate.

Bad decision, Merseyrail.

Meanwhile, if Morrissey was part of your youth and you are sad that he’s a racist dickhead, let me introduce you to Mexrrissey, who are delightful.

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