Memorial Day

A few days ago the US Army Twitter account asked “How has serving impacted you?” I’m not sure what they expected – I mean, they have seen Twitter before, right? What they got was a lot of people sharing the terrible things that had happened to them during and after their military service.

Everyone should read it this Memorial Day. The way we ignore veterans in this country is a national disgrace that we should all be ashamed of.

A few excerpts follow.

One of the guys I was in BMT with tried to cut his wrists with a pair of scissors. A guy in my unit went missing, they found his body in the river. Everyone I work with is an alcoholic. Everyone I knew who went overseas came back changed.

My son served and did one tour of OEF, he made it back, re-enlisted, and shot himself in the head.

In addition to my experience in the Army, my grandfather served with the Navy in Korea. Just read any of these replies to know what he was like. He blew his brains out when I was 16. I found his body after coming home from school. Aw hell dont tell the VA I had a preexisting PTSD

I served in Iraq across the street from the burn pits. 1 year later I was dx with lupus & 10 years later I was dx w/Stage 3 Breast Cancer. I still can’t get 100% perm & total disability because the VA says “I might get better”. There’s no cure for lupus!

I’m angry all the time and I have a drinking problem.

I work in a dermatology department and those with Tricare or Tricare Prime need to jump through hoops by having their PCP submit an authorization request before they can be seen or before the Army’s insurance will pay for an appt with a specialist.

My grandfather retired as a Colonel in the 90s after combat tours all over the world – and ones he couldn’t talk about. The VA hospitals treated him as a nuisance when he developed cancer twice. Back then no one knew how damaging Agent Orange was – or they didn’t tell anyone.

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