It’s Saturday so let’s discuss Tommy the drag squirrel

Tommy Tucker was the first (and probably only) drag squirrel to hit it big.

In 1943 the Bullis family began taking Tommy on tour in their Packard auto mobile, accompanied by a bulldog said to have one or more gold teeth and often wearing a fez. Audiences were charmed by Tommy’s lovingly crafted‍—‌often patriotic‍—‌ attire and unusually docile demeanor (though he did sometimes bite). In an early show he performed for 500 elementary school students, and in conjunction with war bond sales Tommy gave a purported radio interview alongside President Franklin Roosevelt.

The bulldog in the fez is barely interesting in this context.


Tommy had a brief career (even by squirrel chronology) before passing away.

His body was stuffed and mounted “with his arms out so you could pull the clothes over him.” In 2005 Tommy’s remains were offered to the Smithsonian, which however failed to show much interest. He is on view in a display case at a law office in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Such an ignoble end for a squirrel who at one point had a fan club with 30,000 members. Go read the whole story.

Tommy Tucker


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