When Trump Says “Sir”

trumpmouthWhenever the President says something, we’re faced with quandary: is it true? Sure, you can just assume it’s a lie, and you’ll be right 90% of the time so that is really a pretty good bet. But here’s an interesting article about analysis of his statements that uncovers a tell – when Trump says someone addressed him as “sir,” the story is almost certainly a fabrication.

Lots of people do call Trump “sir,” of course. But the word seems to pop into his head more frequently when he is inventing or exaggerating a conversation than when he is faithfully relaying one. A “sir” is a flashing red light that he is speaking from his imagination rather than his memory.

Of course, that still leaves us with all the other things he say, and he will occasionally accidentally say something truthful and accurate. The “sir” tell does offer an interesting insight into Trump’s psychology, though; when he imagines a world where people respect him, he’s in fantasyland.

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