Shingy has left the building

Shingy, the “digital prophet” of AOL/Verizon/Oath/whatever, has moved on.

The anime-maned futurist announced the departure in a LinkedIn note. “I have decided it’s time to explore a new path.” Shingy wrote in the letter.

He told his longtime colleagues, “We remain friends and family and that makes me gleam,” and ended the letter, “with mad respect.”

You know, it’s really easy to make fun of Shingy, but come on: the guy made himself a job running all over the world saying profound-sounding things about digital culture while letting his freak flag fly, and was entertaining in a kind of “oh my god, who the hell is this guy?” kind of way. Good for him.

The article gives an example that is indeed pure Shingy:

Next, Shingy stopped by the office of Erika Nardini, the chief marketing officer of AOL Advertising, and handed her an iPad Mini. “Wanted to show you a little brain fart I had on the plane,” he said. It was a cartoon he had drawn of a bear wearing zebra-print pants and a shirt covered in ones and zeros.

“Love it, love it, love it,” Nardini said. “I’m thinking of the bears more as a metaphor.”

“A thousand per cent,” Shingy said.

Yeah, a metaphor! Well, good luck Shingy, on whatever global junket you’re off on next. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from you.

Carry on, crazy-ass digital prophet. 

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