To save this toilet we must first destroy it

boom_1308-2927A town in Wales is using technology to combat sex in public toilets.

Porthcawl in Wales will install public toilets with systems to prevent people from having sex inside including an alarm, doors that spring open, and a water sprayer. It seems the possibility of false alarms makes this a real, er, shitty idea.

It’s reasonable that people don’t want to stumble across people having sex in public bathroom. I think if given the choice of hearing someone a few stalls down going at it vs. being sprayed with water while pooping because the system misfired, I would definitely go for the “OMG am I hearing what I think I’m hearing?” option?

Here’s the thing about people have sex in a toilet: yes, it can be a distressing to those who overhear it, I suppose. It could make people uncomfortable about using a public facility that they have every right to use. But… in terms of problems we face, this one seems pretty small and not worth the expense and potential mishaps of the solution.


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