“Some have told me I’m too controversial to have an athleisure line”

Among the chattering class of conservative commentators, is there anyone worse than Tomi Lahren? Sure, there are people who are a bit more out front with their white supremacy, or a bit more unhinged with their general message, but Lahren is a perfect combination of all-American (white people) youth and insane gibberish. Listen to her if you dare; you’ll find an enervating mix of enthusiasm, non-sequiturs, and thinly-veiled allusions to “a certain type of person” (Jews! Gays! Blacks! Democrats!) who want to make nice white racists share the world with others.

And also, an “athleisure” line.

(Read all about it at Jezebel.)

After kicking things off with Tomi talking about the underrepresentation of skinny white women in the fashion industry, we hear from an executive at the manufacturer of the clothing who talks about how she realized she just couldn’t go running without packing heat anymore, and nobody was making leggings with holsters… so she started her company. (Lululemon, how have you missed this niche?)

This is followed by a lot of shots of models wearing generic-looking leggings and running on beaches intercut with Tomi talking about her deep thoughts with a bit of a deer in the headlights look on her face. And talking really fast, like, cocaine fast. Okay.

You have to hand it to the conservative punditocracy: they have nailed the formula for turning people who don’t know much about history or civics or really anything else and transforming them into lifestyle brands.

Curiously missing: anything bragging about how they are made in the USA. Which seems like something true gun-loving patriots would be talking about, right? I hope Tomi’s fans act quickly to get their freedom leggings; it’s possible that some upcoming tariffs could jack the price up.

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