Influencer dumpster fire

The tale of Caroline Calloway, the Instagram “influencer” who apparently is well educated and savvy enough to build herself a social media despite not having done anything of any discernible interest in her life, has been making the rounds on social media. I wanted to share the Twitter thread about her event series because honestly, it’s funny as shit, in an “good grief, this is a complete clusterfuck” kind of way.


Every time you think “this can’t become worse” it becomes worse. And yes, people have been doing half-assed gritty stuff for money as long as there has been money, but what’s fascinating to me is that she does not even pretend she knows what she’s doing, or that she didn’t realize to have an event she needed to line up a place to have the event, or that  having an paid seminar and making salads in your apartment and bringing them to serve the attendees violates thirty million health department rules, or any of it.

What’s also fascinating is that we’ve reached this point where a person can grow up with a certain level of privilege and knowledge about the world, go to college, graduate, and decide that they will pursue a career in being a person with a career, and write a memoir before their brain is fully formed, and this constitutes doing something valuable or interesting with their life.


This is exactly why the word “fiasco” was created and it’s a fun hate read and perfect for Friday the 13th, if you enjoy that kind of thing. So enjoy!

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