Lou Dobbs would make a great North Korean

Did you have a nice weekend? And importantly, did you remember to thank Donald Trump for that?

Lou Dobbs wants his viewers to thank President Donald Trump for their weekend. At the end of his show on Friday, the Fox Business Network host signed off by reminding his viewers to “Have a great weekend,” adding, “The president makes such a thing possible for us all.” Dobbs did not explain why Trump was responsible for making great weekends possible. But in recent days, the longtime friend of the president seemed to reach new levels of sycophancy on his show. After visiting the White House earlier this week, Dobbs told his viewers that the “joint is hopping,” and did not hold back in his description of the atmosphere. “On every level on every floor, this White House is energized,” he said. “There’s sunshine beaming throughout the place, and on almost every face. It’s winner central at the White House and the president is at the top of his game.”

It’s not exactly news that Lou Dobbs is creepy as fuck; he seems happy to have consigned himself to the role of paternalistic sycophant, and he’s pretty good at it. Those lifeless yet predatory eyes and the polished voice dulling your senses before the kill, telling you that if you put your trust in Big Daddy, Big Daddy will keep the bad things away. Just relax and let this happen, it’ll be easier that way. 

Of course, this is all running what claims to be a news network, so you have to wonder how the actual journalists there (they have them – they are not happy – but they remain) feel about having something this creepy running on their network. This is North Korean worship the divine leader stuff. When this stuff has currency, it’s a bad omen for the future of the country that’s embracing it.

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